[une fois n'est pas coutume, je transmets ici un appel à contribution pour le festival portugais de musique improvisée organisé par paulo chagas. je partage cet appel car le principe du festival est plutôt original et me paraît être une proposition adéquate à la musique improvisée...]

Improvisers time!
Open call for MIA 2013 - Portugal
The organization of the MIA - Improvised Music Meeting of Atouguia da Baleia is pleased to announce the call for works for the 2013 edition to be held next May (25 and 26).
The festival is open without restriction to all improvisers who want to propose, and yet their approval dependent on the logistical capacity of the event, appreciated the quality of the sample and the suitability of those submitted.
Proposals must be made via the online form below, until the 10th of March. Information about approved submissions will be made until April 3.
The participants will be integrated into groups created at the festival that may be random, small-format (duos, trios, quartets ...) and Ensembles.
It shall be made audio recordings and/or video of all the MIA concerts that will subsequently available to all participants. There will be an online edition with a compilation of various interventions. The inscription on the MIA 2013 requires the authorization of the reproduction of recorded material.
The auditorium has a PA system, compatible with the space, which will be available to musicians. These, however, should bring the instruments and equipment required for their performances.
Since this meeting is a nonprofit event, the participation of artists will not be awarded on fees, but the Organization will provide food.